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Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph is an American photographer, journalist, and family expert. Her professional specialty since the early 1970’s has been the study of the family; and in 1990 she also began traveling internationally as a photojournalist.

Her online portfolio contains a sampling of some of her major interests over the years including international travel projects, nature conservation projects, a book for children about Virginia’s Historic Triangle region, and an online public service project about how families work.

Dr. Ellen has a doctorate in counseling psychology and extensive post-doctoral training and expertise in the Bowen Theory of family emotional functioning, and numerous professional teaching affiliations.  She has been widely published in family studies journals, and was a family therapist in community outpatient mental health services and in private practice for more than twenty five years. Additionally, she is a recognized public speaker and consultant on the subject of the family and systems thinking.

Her photography pursuits include extended documentary, travel and conservation projects in the south of France, the Australian Outback, South Africa, Guyana and Suriname in South America, and in Costa Rican and Ecuadorian rain forests.  More recently she has focused on black bear conservation venues in the Great Smoky Mountains, and also venues in Florida where she has been a partner in state and local projects to protect Central Florida’s fragile springs.

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