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Dr. Ellen’s Book: How Families Work

Posted on 2016-08-20 By


Dr. Ellen’s book entitled How Families Work is a public service project that is available online and free to anyone interested in learning more about their important family relationships.

This book is no longer available in hard copy.

It’s six heavily illustrated chapters and nine expansive special topics are based on her knowledge of the Bowen Theory of family emotional functioning; knowledge that has been gleaned from her many years of experience as a practicing family therapist and family consultant.

Dr. Ellen studied with Dr. Murray Bowen during the 70’s and 80’s and has been published extensively over the intervening years in family studies publications. She is also a recognized public speaker and consultant on family relationship systems.

This book includes extensive diagrams of many important family processes so that you can study them, and even learn how to use them to better understand your own nuclear and extended family.

She even offers a tutorial chapter for those interested in learning more about family genograms and how they are used to organize important family information in a given family.

Dr. Ellen makes the family more understandable and Dr. Bowen’s intriguing theoretical concepts more accessible to the layman than you will likely be able to find anywhere else.