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‘Transgenderism’ is Mental Illness, not Sexual Reality

Posted on 2016-10-25 By

The government, Hollywood and today’s LGBT narratives are patently WRONG about ‘transgenderism’ and they need to stop promoting it as a “right’ that is deserving of protection under the U.S. Constitution.

This is delusional thinking at best.

FACT: one’s sex is a biological reality that cannot be changed, even if the genitals are surgically mutilated and one is pumped full of estrogen so as to masquerade as feminism.

FACT: gender reassignment surgery is a barbaric act that leads to massive and serious physical maladies in the aftermath, including an extremely high risk of suicide in those undergoing this kind of medically-sanctioned mutilation.

FACT: even without undergoing surgical mutilation, some individuals can and do become behaviorally and psychologically masculinized or feminized to an extreme degree, which is a state of being that is socially reinforced by like-minded others.

Remember, like attract like.

Such extremis states do not reflect ‘gender confusions’: they are a manifestation of emotionally dysfunctional individuals trapped in highly polarized and otherwise unhealthy relationships.

Collectively they represent failed or failing families that lack the kind of supportive milieu that produces fully-functioning individuals.

So Do Yourself a Favor

Read this authoritative commentary entitled Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme by Dr. Paul, McHugh, a well-known and distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and former Psychiatrist-in-Chief at John Hopkins Medical School.

Dr. McHugh spent twenty-six years studying individuals who claim to be transgender, and his observations about this cult-like phenomenon are enlightening.

Beware slick answers from the crackpots who are perpetrating this fraud for political gain.

It is high time, he says, to stop looking the other way at this evolving form of mental illness and the associated judicial chaos that is exploding around us.

In Sal Alinsky terms, this is just one more way of destabilizing a society by pretending that mental illness is really just everyday normal behavior, not to worry.

See this 32-minute interview with Walt Heyer, a former transgender who recounts his (and others’) sex change regrets while exposing the trans movement for what it is.

He shares his knowledge and experiences elsewhere, as well. In his book, Gender, Lies and Suicide, he says transgenders undergo hormone injections and irreversible surgeries in a desperate effort to feel better, yet they attempt and commit suicide at an alarming rate, even after treatment.

Milo Yiannopoulos has some important things to say about this issue, too. In his latest commentary, entitled Trannies are Gay, Milo claims ‘clever ridicule’ as the most effective way to combat the absurdities of the transgender movement. Whatever you do, he says, don’t pretend these people are normal because they aren’t.

He has my affirmative vote on that.