A Visit With Some
Rawls Byrd School Children

The children pictured below are from the Rawls Byrd School in Williamsburg, who had all read Dr. Ellen's children's book prior to her coming to visit them. She brought along the book's heroine, Willi, and several other cool characters from her book.

Mr. V with his dog, Willi, answering questions about Willi's adventures (Mr. V owns Willi in real life, too!)


Mr. V with Willi, answering some personal questions about Willi from a student who wanted to know absolutely everything there was to know about her.


An animated group of children discusses the book with Dr. Ellen.


...and answers Dr. Ellen's questions about the many famous characters who are depicted in her book,


Here Dr. Ellen talks with Lance Pedigo, a character in the book who also leads the famous Fifes and Drums of Colonial Williamsburg in real life


These children have some tender moments with Willi.


...who finds it all very interesting, indeed!


Many other children are also eager to answer questions about Willi's adventures in Virginia's Colonial Capital.


Thomas Jefferson, a character in the book and also a famous local personality, signs autographs for the children.


...who were clearly in awe of meeting Thomas Jefferson in person!


Two boys compare notes about the back cover that depicts all of the book's friendly animal characters.


And, of course, this is Willi, the Star.


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