A Sudden Freeze

When the following images were taken it was a mild, snowless fall in Tidewater Virginia, with temperate days that allowed local gardens to stay in bloom well beyond their normal growth cycle. One afternoon I noticed a lovely garden of blossoms that were remarkable for their lateness in the season.

Mindful of those blossoms, I gathered up my camera equipment for an early morning foray into that garden, hopeful that I would find those blossoms encased in ice. And so they were! CLICK! It is not often that you see Nature's flora wrapped so exquisitely.

Dendranthema gradiflorum


Gum ball from the Sweet Gum Tree
Liquidambar styraciflua


Blossom of the perennial Hybiscus Hybiscus moscheutos


Seed pod of the perennial Hybiscus Hybiscus moscheutos


Red Cabbage
Brassica oleracea


Oxeye Daisy
Leucanthemum vulgare


Purple Coneflower


Common Holly
Llex aquifolium


Oak Leaves
Quercus robur


Longleaf Pine
Pinus palustris


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