Dr. Ellen's "One World" Collection
60-year old Orange-winged Amazon


A familiar harbinger of winter in the Smokies


Fireworks at the Governor's Palace in CW


U.S. Air Force Mobility Command on view for the general public


'della Robbia' style door decoration in CW


Portrait of a Martini Rossi


Photographer's 'Selfie' in a Harley mirror


Old barn in Virginia's horse country


The mechanicals of the Yorktown Bridge at sunset


Scene from the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


Scene from Parimaribo in Suriname, South America


The Williamsburg Train Station


Famous Yorktown Onion with the York River in the background


A scene from Historic Yorktown


Young girl picking cherries in the South of France


Photographer "Selfie" in a mirror:
Dr. Ellen with Little Edgar the Squirrel


Winking Feline


Leicester Longwool Sheep at Colonial Williamsburg:
The baby happened to be on top of this male when he suddenly stood up


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