The Luberon is a region in the heart of Provence (in Southern France) known for its hilltop villages, fields of lavender, fine French food, vineyards, outdoor markets, gurgling fountains, colorful architecture, even medieval castles. Think fine pottery, skilled artisans, tiled roofs, Bouillabaisse, vast cherry orchards, tiny bakeries, French cheeses, fields of olives and bright red poppies, churchbells, land streaked with color...hmmmmmm...

These images are offered as a taste treat for those uninitiated in the joys of Provence, or for those who just wish to remember.


Cherry orchards dot the landscape in the Luberon


Provencal Spices at an Aix en Provence Market


Liquers from the Forcalquier Distillery in Haute Provence


Artisan Cheese Shop


Poppies Papaver rhoeas L.


Poppies Papaver rhoeas L.


Poppies Papaver rhoeas L.


Black Olives Bucida buceras


Lavender Lavandula angustifolia







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